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Top 10 Climate Change Instagram Influencers You Should Follow

by Wayne Davis 20 Feb 2024 0 Comments
Influencers of Climate change

Social media platforms like Instagram have become powerful tools for spreading awareness and advocating for important causes. One such critical issue is climate change and the urgent need for eco-friendly practices. Instagram influencers, with their large followings and persuasive abilities, play a significant role in shaping public opinion and behaviour towards sustainability. Here, we'll explore 10 Instagram influencers who are making a positive impact on the environment through their advocacy for climate change action and eco-friendly campaigns.

Top 10 Instagram Influencers  for Climate Change & Eco-friendly Campaigns:

1. Ethical Unicorn (@ethicalunicorn)

Ethical Unicorn, founded by Francesca Willow, stands as a beacon of ethical living and sustainability. With visually stunning content and thought-provoking captions, Ethical Unicorn tackles a wide range of topics from eco-friendly fashion to ethical consumerism. Francesca's platform educates and empowers followers to make informed choices for a more sustainable future.

2. GreenPeace (@GreenPeace)

As one of the most well-known environmental organisations globally, GreenPeace utilises Instagram to raise awareness about pressing environmental issues and mobilise support for campaigns aimed at protecting the planet. Their feed features captivating visuals, insightful infographics, and updates on their activism efforts worldwide. GreenPeace's influential presence on Instagram amplifies the message of environmental stewardship and collective action.

3. Sarah El-Deeb (@saraheldeeb)

Sarah El-Deeb, an environmental activist and influencer from the Middle East, uses her Instagram platform to advocate for sustainable practices and environmental conservation in the region. Through her posts, she sheds light on local environmental challenges and promotes eco-friendly solutions, inspiring her followers to take action for a greener future.

4. Imad Alarnab (@imadalarnab)

Imad Alarnab, a chef and sustainability advocate based in the UK, shares his passion for sustainable cooking and ethical food practices on Instagram. Through mouth-watering photos and educational content, he encourages his audience to make environmentally conscious food choices and supports initiatives that promote sustainable agriculture and responsible consumption.

5. Fatima Al-Khaldi (@fatimaalkhaldi)

Fatima Al-Khaldi, a fashion influencer and sustainability enthusiast from the Middle East, uses her platform on Instagram to promote eco-friendly fashion brands and advocate for sustainable practices within the industry. Her stylish posts showcase how fashion and sustainability can go hand in hand, inspiring her followers to embrace conscious consumerism.

6. Daniel Randle (@daniel_randle)

Daniel Randle, an environmental scientist and Instagram influencer based in the UK, shares his expertise on climate change, biodiversity, and sustainability through engaging and informative content. His posts provide valuable insights into environmental issues and empower his followers to take meaningful action in their communities.

7. Yara Shalaby (@yara.shalaby)

Yara Shalaby, a sustainable lifestyle blogger from the Middle East, uses her Instagram platform to promote eco-friendly living practices and showcase sustainable products and brands. Her visually appealing content demonstrates that living sustainably can be stylish and accessible, inspiring her followers to adopt greener habits.

8. Holly Gillibrand (@hollygillibrand)

Holly Gillibrand, a teenage climate activist from the UK, gained international recognition for her advocacy work on climate change. Through her Instagram account, she documents her activism efforts, raises awareness about environmental issues, and mobilises support for youth-led climate action, demonstrating the power of young voices in driving positive change.

9. Yasmeen Al-Mulla (@yasmeenalmulla)

Yasmeen Al-Mulla, an artist and environmental activist based in the Middle East, uses her Instagram platform to raise awareness about marine conservation and plastic pollution. Through her artwork and educational posts, she highlights the importance of protecting oceans and marine life, inspiring her followers to take action for a cleaner, healthier planet.

10. Ben Fogle (@benfogle)

Ben Fogle, an adventurer, broadcaster, and environmentalist from the UK, shares his love for the natural world and promotes environmental conservation through his Instagram account. From advocating for wildlife protection to highlighting sustainable travel practices, Fogle's posts inspire his followers to appreciate and protect the Earth's precious resources.

These influencers are leveraging their platforms to inspire action, educate their followers, and advocate for a more sustainable future. We can all play a part in addressing the urgent challenges of climate change and environmental degradation. Let's join and take action to protect our environment for generations to come.

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